Father Ignatius Huan

“It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” Gal 2:20

Remembering Father Iggy

Rev Father Ignatius Huan Kin Kwang
23 Nov 1941 – 3 Dec 2018

Father Iggy has touched the lives of many people in their journey to discovering Christ. He made learning about spirituality, simple and easy to understand in the retreats he conducted.

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father ignatius huan
Father Ignatius Huan
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12/04/2018 16:09:13Teresa SiawKuchingDear Father, You have fought the good fight for God! May your soul rest in peace! Amen.
12/04/2018 16:38:08Bernard YeapJohor Bahru, MalaysiaI remember attending Fr Ignatius' teaching on Redemptive Suffering in Singapore many years back where he gave a profound teaching that human suffering, when accepted and offered up in union with Christ's Passion, can be a powerful intercession for the physical/ spiritual needs of others.

I believe Fr Ignatius faithfully practiced that by his love and sacrifices he made for others in his life.

We're so blessed by you, Fr Ignatius. May you rest in peace.
12/04/2018 16:40:17Veronica Anne RetnamFr Iggy's genorosity of time, his simplicity, kindness, spirituality all lived as preached will always remain etched in my memory. May he rest in peace in his Father's heavenly home.
12/04/2018 16:44:52Michael BayJohor Bahru, Malaysia2 Tim 4:7 "...You have fought the good fight of faith and it is now accomplished...!"
12/04/2018 17:26:20TerenceEveryone dies, but not everyone LIVES! You have inspired us to live life to its fullest. You will never be forgotten.
12/04/2018 17:28:39Jesmine S JosephI remember you being friendly, easy to chat and enjoy a great laugh with. As you journey back to your Saviour, know that you will be missed by many here on earth. God bless.
12/04/2018 18:13:29Adrian NgPetaling Jaya, MalaysiaEveryone had the highest regard for Fr Ignatius, and so it was an honour to meet him finally about seven years ago. He became my spiritual director and introduced me to more of Henri Nouwen. He was a gentleman and a father.
12/04/2018 18:25:09Elaine LeeKuala LumpurFather Ignatius, I don’t think we can ever get used to the idea that you’re no more around to be our compassionate confessor, retreat master and preacher! But most of all, we’ll all miss your friendship and companionship in our journey on this earth together! Pray for us Fr Ignatius.
12/04/2018 18:25:45Alice Tan Muar, JohorFr Ignatius was one of the most compassionate priests I have ever met. Grateful to have encountered him as a teen, experienced the unconditional love and forgiveness of God. Thank you Fr Iggy.
12/04/2018 18:30:22Patience CheeJohor BahruFather, I am sad yet I rejoice that you are now with our Creator, Jesus and Mary. Thank you for taking care of my mum and helping me. May you do even greater works in Heaven so that we Malaysians will have our very own Saint Ignatius.
12/04/2018 18:42:15Nancy JohnsonKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaDearest Father, I will always treasure and remember all your teachings and advice. You have helped me to grow spiritually. Thank you and may you rest in peace! I will miss you.
12/04/2018 18:48:36Lucy NgMelakaFather, as you have returned to the Lord, pray for us here on earth. I always treasure your homilies and will never forget your preaching on the 'redemptive sufferings '. God bless!
12/04/2018 18:58:52Stephen TI will always remember him as a great listener. A person who is willing to share his experiences. Even to the point of exposing his own vulnerable, sensitive side.
May his soul rest in peace. Amen.
12/04/2018 19:15:58Shelagh Nunis Petaling Jaya Fr Ignatius Huan shall always hold a special place in our hearts as witness, teacher and mentor of a life well lived in the Lord. A deep loss for all of us in the PRE team at the Church of St Ignatius, Petaling Jaya. Rest in peace, dear Father.
12/04/2018 19:57:33May OngKuala Lumpur, Malaysia I thank God for gift of Father Ignatius, a creative, compassionate, joyful teacher, full of love. And a great storyteller! A wonderful priest who taught me and so many people so much. His retreats were like encountering Jesus, face to face! His lectures full of detailed charts to ensure we understand and can open our hearts to Jesus. I love the movies Father used to drive the message into us! A wonderful gift! Thank you Father Ignatius. I learnt so much and grew spiritually through your retreats, especially those years when I served as CAR for your MRH retreats. Father Ignatius, you fought a good fight, you won the race. You now receive the crown to be with our God. From life to eternal life! Your last gift for us and all future Catholics is your book on “The Mass”. Thank you Father Ignatius. Love you!
12/04/2018 20:08:26Irene NgSingaporeI have known Father Iggy when he was serving at Our Lady Star of the Sea (Singapore) more than a decade ago. He was a good counselor filled with compassion and went through my struggles and darkest moments with me. A gentle man who knows right from wrong and a no nonsense priest. Fr Iggy, I am missing you already and I know that we are going to meet in Our Father's kingdom one day. Continue to pray for us Father as I continue to pray for you. May your soul rest in peace. Amen.
12/04/2018 20:11:18Teresa Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaFr Ignatius Huan is one of the finest priests I have ever had the privilege to come across. Gentle, humble, caring and accommodating, his retreats in Maranatha were always a draw for retreatants and always so impactful. His love for the Eucharist was infectious and he made it his personal passion to educate Catholics on the meaning and sanctity of the Eucharist at every opportunity. What a good and faithful servant of the Lord you have been, Fr Ignatius. You have been such a gift to us and I am grateful to God that our paths crossed. May you now rest in His eternal kingdom of love and peace. You will be missed very dearly.
12/04/2018 20:25:41Jonathan LimPetaling JayaMy eulogy

Father Ignatius Huan is one of the reasons I converted to Catholicism from Protestanism. He took the trouble to meet me for dinner to answer my mountains of questions on the biblical foundation of Catholic doctrine and the truth that this is indeed the Church Jesus established and the church in the Acts of Apostles. On top of being very sound on Catholic doctrine; he is an amazing human being in the way he talks and makes people feel. Being Christian for pretty much all my life and having dealt with many pastors and clergy of various stripes; he is indeed a special man of God that has made a tremendous impact on my life. Will always remember him.❤️😭

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace🙏❤️

Your work here on earth is done Father; thank you for your dedication in answering your calling to the priesthood and for impacting the lives of millions of Catholics all over the world through your love for the gospel, humour, quick wit, formation classes, retreats, pilgrimages, the Masses you celebrated and the book on the Mass you recently published which beautifully encapsulates the beauty of the Mass and will be a wonderful legacy of your consecrated life. I deeply regret not going to Majodi to see you as I promised.
Heaven has welcomed another angel today❤️ Will miss our conversations over WhatsApp.😭
12/04/2018 20:58:29Lucille DassPenangA Tribute to Father Ignatius Huan

Priest-Counsellor-Teacher … extraordinaire!
He lived and taught that we might be alert and aware
How FAITH and life must converge
If in God’s eyes victorious we wish to emerge.

Behind his seemingly stern demeanour
Was a man of sharp wit, and yes … humour!
He let you call him “Father Iggy,” didn’t he?

Ever the pedagogue, he leaves behind a legacy
THE MASS – a book for all – laity and clergy.

Farewell … “And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!”… dear Father Iggy.

12/04/2018 21:18:28Elizabeth WongKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTo my dearest the late Fr Ignatius, felt sad about your departure. You have given me a good inspiration and clear spiritual direction while we were together in a pilgrimage tour. Will always remember your loving kindness and spiritual insights. May The Lord's perpetual light shine upon you to life eternal. Amen.
12/05/2018 01:02:36Nicholas KhorGeorgetown, PenangFr Ignatius, thanks for being there for me and family when my grandmother passed away 16 years ago. Thanks for all the advice that you have given us. You have inspired us to live life to its fullest. You will never be forgotten. I remember you being friendly, easy to chat and enjoy a great laugh with. A person who is willing to share his experiences. Am privileged to be able to meet up with you one last time at the beginning of the year at MAJODI when you're still undergoing your chemo therapy session. Even then, you have not failed to inspire us. Thank you for your last gift, "The Mass". Continue to pray for us we continue to pray for you. May your soul rest in peace. Amen.
12/05/2018 06:38:22RoyThe church in Malaysia miss you. However Thy will be done. (Fiat voluntas tua).
12/05/2018 08:43:20Victoria LabrooyPenangWill always remember Fr Ignatius Huan as a man of God, filled with compassion, generosity, simplicity and deep spirituality. Fr Ignatius, you have been such a gift to us and I am grateful that our paths crossed. Thank you for your time, your advice and being there for me and my family. May you now find rest in His eternal kingdom of peace and joy!
12/05/2018 08:57:59Mary LeeSingapore Dear Fr Iggy,
Thank you so much for touching our Hearts with your love, words and actions.
We will remember your sharings 😇Mission and vision...Love and Live in the presence of the Lord. To embrace, acceptance and offering 😇

With Love & Thanks!

12/05/2018 09:06:56Anne ChaiMalaysiaIn loving memory of Fr Ignatius Huan, His Good Shepherd for touching our lives with God’s love and leaving a legacy of faith! Forever in our hearts, remember us and pray for us in heaven!
- Anne and on behalf of the international Catholic community in Shanghai
12/05/2018 09:55:27Huan Peck LingSydney, Australia Dear Uncle, I am so glad that I caught up with you a few months ago. You recalled how some family members had strong reservations about you joining the priesthood. From what I see, you have chosen the right course. You are an amazing person. An inspiration to your Catholic community and a thoughtful and caring Uncle to me and my siblings. You are well loved and we will remember you fondly.
12/05/2018 10:10:26Katherine De RozarioBatu CavesMay you rest in peace, Fr. Will always remember what you taught us.
12/05/2018 11:53:20Francis Bernard Selangor, Malaysia Rest in peace Fr Ignatius.
12/05/2018 12:49:55AnnmelissaJohorThank you father for everything you have thought me in those few days... I'm very sure your place is in heaven with all the saints..... heaven has an angel that I know of now....
12/05/2018 13:00:22Christine KhooMalaysiaHeaven has welcomed another angel today 😇
May eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen 🙏🙏🙏
12/05/2018 13:02:58Noel KhorPenangThis story happened in 2002. My mother-in-law passed away. Our parish priest was ill and the replacement priest had conducted a beautiful funeral mass. The grieving family was relieved and pleased as they did not know the replacement priest at all. Surprise, surprise, surprise....this priest then showed up and conducted the ceremony at the cemetery without a request from anyone.
By the way, he does not know my mother-in-law who actually belongs to the category of the 4 Ls (last, lost, little...)
The priest's presence touched everyone at the cemetery - from Catholics to non Catholics, Christians to pagans - and it made the grieving family so honoured and so proud to be Catholics.
This priest was Fr Ignatius Huan. Rest in peace Father and thank you again.
We will never forget you!!

12/05/2018 15:31:10CaraJohor BahruDear Fr Ignatius,
My children have no more chance to gain RM50 if they ever caught you saying "The Mass is ended" in the Dismissal - not that they ever stand a chance! Yes, we are to live the Mass in our lives after attending the Eucharistic Celebration. So, please continue to pray for us to live the Mass, to be faithful in our prayer-life through the sacraments, liturgy, examen and lectio divina. To constantly renew our commitment to whatever state of life we are called to, at every mass. To be a channel of grace to bring God's love to others.

Thank you for being a patient and loving spiritual father, confessor, guide, teacher and friend to me! Thank you for all the kindness you have shown me and for accepting me for who I am with all my nonsense.

Your parting words, "Is it good night or good bye? It's always good night with the Lord." Now, you enjoy his perpetual light, while we still have to fight the shadows in our lives. Remember us and pray for us. Not 'good night nor good bye' BUT 'see you again... soon!'
12/05/2018 16:44:41ChristineShah Alam, SelangorEvery retreat I've had with you Fr, I've experienced God through your presence. Reassuring of God working in my life. Thank you and you are dearly missed. RIP Fr.
12/05/2018 17:19:08Julian TanDubai, UAEThe name Father Ignatius has always been mentioned to me by my siblings, Alice, Dominic and Henry. I always remember growing up as a child accompanying both my dad and mum to a parents youth session during a Youth Encounter conducted by Father Iggy, where I saw love and reconciliation take place. Father Iggy has indeed touched the lives of many, and lived his calling in life as a humble and wonderful servant of the Lord. Although I did not get to know Father Iggy personally, I do know my siblings have had great experiences through Father Iggy, in knowing God and in deepening their relationship with Jesus.
As I heard of the passing of Father Iggy on December 3rd on the Feast of St. Francis, I told my 9-year-old son that a wonderful priest has now joined St Francis Xavier and other saints in heaven. I said to him that Father Iggy is being welcomed by St Francis Xavier and my father Francis whose birthday falls on December 3rd as well at the gates of Heaven. As many mourn the loss of Father Iggy, there is great celebration in Heaven in welcoming him home. My his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed through the Mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
12/05/2018 18:07:00Martin Julian Sathivadivel Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSurely miss him.
12/06/2018 07:54:47Ben & YvonnePJ / MalaccaAt strategic points in our lives, God has sent angels to help guide, instruct, correct and lead us on the right path. You were our angel.
It was through Youth Encounter many years ago that we met and encountered God. It was through your sacramental hands that we made our marriage covenant. Over the years, your counsel and teaching helped us make many of our most difficult choices.
Through you, we saw that it is not enough to be law abiding, but to open up ourselves to be true vessels of God, letting Him work through us. You constantly inspired us with your humility, openness, frankness, generosity, courage and wisdom.
We will miss you here on earth, but we know you are on the other side praying for and with us. Till we meet again, Father.
12/06/2018 13:58:36Amilia ChaiSingaporeThank you Fr Ignatius for your inspirational life and your dedication as a formator. I have benefitted so much from your life and teachings. I know you have run the race well and will be crowned with eternal glory. May God grant comfort and peace upon your loved ones.
12/06/2018 16:15:43Dr Luke Chia Sze FoongSingaporeFr lgnatious Huan an exemplary priest.
12/06/2018 20:07:23van HuizenSerembanBeati mortui qui in Domino moriuntur.
12/07/2018 14:51:41Cecilia Bey MalaysiaI have always admire you, Fr Ignatius Huan. Whenever people mention 'retreat' your name immediately comes to my mind. My retreat with you has increased my spirituality . May your soul rest in peace.
12/08/2018 0:06:15Pauline LimSubang, MalaysiaForever grateful for having the opportunity to participate in PRE @ STM conducted by Fr Ignatius Huan. Thankful for the prayers that he shared during the PRE. One of the few priests that has made a difference in my faith. Eternal rest grant upon Fr Ignatius Huan. And let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.
12/10/2018 10:56:41Adeline ChaiSingaporeDear Fr Ignatius, I have always been your “fan” in attending as far as possible, the many teachings you have given in Singapore. I love how you used video clips and pictures to integrate with your real life stories/testimonies in your talks, making any difficult content easier to understand. I am very saddened by your passing but I know that God has a greater plan for you and He has already prepared a place for you in His kingdom, where your teachings lead us. I pray that your family and friends will find consolation in the memories and the love of Christ that you gave us through your legacy of your book, among others. Thank you, Fr Ignatius. I have learnt much from you. In a nutshell - your love for God, your total surrender to say 'Yes' to Him at all times, even when things are beyond our understanding!!! You have fought a good fight and won the race! Totus Tuus! - Love, Adeline
12/19/2018 13:04:00Albet ArockiasamyMalaysiaTo my beloved spiritual director Fr Ignatius Huan (back in Major Seminary in Penang) who is also a very good mentor as priest, shepherd and formator. I enjoyed your lessons, sessions and one-to-one counseling process. You lived the values of the Good Shepherd Jesus in your life. As Pope Francis said, the shepherd should have smell of the sheep. In your teaching pedagogy, there was always an element of passion, compassion and the wisdom of God as the source of input. Thank you, Padre for being the wonderful shepherd after the heart of God.
God bless🙏🏻
12/22/2018 18:57:30Lawrence HoSingaporeMy prayers go to the soul of Fr Iggy, whose death I regrettably only read in the Catholic News today. His last piece of work "The Mass - We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe" is truly a testament of his dedication to bringing the beauty and significance of the Mass not just to Catholics but also others who are in awe of it. Thank you, Fr. You will always be remembered and may your soul rest in peace. Amen.
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